The plot thickens! So word on the streets is that RHOA star Porsha Stewart allegedly had an affair with millionaire Ralo Wonder (pictured below), which is the reason Kordell end up filing for divorce out the blue! Check out the scoop. WOW!


Via RealityWives.net:

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart allegedly had a steamy affair with millionaire Ralo Wonder, and this is the reason for Kordell filing for divorce. Seems fishy.

Ralo Wonder is a publisher, Nascar race car team owner, reality television and film producer. He reportedly began dating Porsha before Kordell filed for divorce from her in March, according to Freddyo. The article published on June 11 stated that Porsha and Wonder had a “steamy side relationship” and Kordell learned of the affair, but didn’t have the proof he needed to include it in his grounds for divorce.

Kordell filed for divorce from The Real Housewives of Atlanta star on March 22. In his petition, the former NFL star wrote that he should not provide alimony support to Porsha because she’s an “able-bodied person earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

According to Access Atlanta, Kordell stated in new court papers filed on May 21 that Porsha is “financially negligent.” He told TMZ that he prevented her from staying at his home by changing the locks and not providing her a copy of the new house keys. He said he did it for security reasons.


Ralo is engaged to Crystal Mocahantas (seen above), who is rumored to be joining season 6 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

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