R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt and her husband have landed their very own spin-off reality show. According to TV One, the exclusive Web-Series, starring Keke Wyatt’s Husband and Manager Michael Ford, gives an inside look at their life together in Atlanta. Check it out here.

News Release says:

Often misunderstood and usually the target of many jokes, Michael Ford became last season’s “unofficial diva” due to his 24/7 attachment to his beloved wife Keke – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. In The World According to Michael, Michael sheds light on his hectic yet joyful life with Keke and their six children, giving viewers an exclusive look into their beautiful Atlanta home….

Each of the webisodes will feature Michael in his day-to-day duties as he switches between his roles as dad, husband, manager and business owner. From making breakfast for his kids and rousing his less-than-early-riser wife, to squeezing in tee times on the golf course and interviewing interns for his expanding entertainment company, Michael is finally getting his moment to shine.

The webisode, “The World According to Michael”, will air every Wednesday on TVONE.tv. Check out a sneak peek of the first webisode up top. What do you think?