Did you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last night? Check out what Joseline had to say on the contract situation with Stevie J while Lil Scrappy gets jolted by her mother’s schemes.

Moments from last night’s episode 2:

Shay is so ugly to me. Sorry boo 🙁

When Mimi tells Stevie that she wants to move out, Stevie threatens to find her and ends up fighting the crew when Mimi packs up and leaves. Stevie J is crazy. He must have some good “D” cuz he has these girls whooped 🙁

Nothing would make me stay with a man like that who is so disrespectful! I don’t care how good it is!

When Shay surprises Scrappy at the studio, the two talk for the first time since Scrappy proposed to Erica.

Recap via VH1 Blog:

Stevie J ended up right in Joseline‘s bed after Mimi went Mike Tyson on his cheek. Joseline may have allowed him back in, but she’s over the drama with Mimi. “I don’t need this bad energy on me with your baby mama,” she told him. Stevie J isn’t entertaining any conversation of Joseline leaving him, but Miss Hernandez has her mind made up, at least for the moment. “The relationship, we gon’ have to let this go. I want to just get to work,” she said. “And we still in this same f—– bed talking about the same f—- s—,”she said. “If you want to run around and do it by yourself you’re gonna have a small career,” he threatens. “You don’t handle s— but your mouth and your beefcake,” she said. But in case Joseline forgot who runs the show: “I want you to run around, but remember, everything comes back to the gatekeeper.” Joseline is trying to get this bread with or without Stevie.

Erica and Scrappy have a conversation about their moms getting with the program. Scrappy admits to having to check Momma Dee for not being on board with the engagement. Erica’s no fool and highly doubts Momma Dee has gotten anything through her “thick skull” so she chooses to focus on her own mom’s doubts. Scrappy has to have a one-on-one conversation with Erica’s mom.

DJ Traci Steele is one of the hottest DJs in Atlanta. She has a six-year-old son with DJ Babey Drew who DJs for Chris Brown. His constant touring schedule keeps him away from his son for a long time, which Traci has a major problem with. It doesn’t help that he has groupies galore and has created a term for them: THAHA = “These Hos Are Hos Always.” Sounds about right that he’s Chris Brown’s DJ. Traci has a problem with the rotation of various women Drew has around their son. “These b*tches are microwavable b*tches,” she said. “You pop them and keep it moving.” Traci is reading him, honey about the type of women he likes. “I don’t date groupies,” he defends himself. “The last chick was a nice school teacher,” he said. Traci didn’t want to hear a thing about nobody’s school teacher because she stormed out forgetting her THAHA shirt.

Mimi doesn’t know what to do after her fight with Stevie, but she’s going to kickbox her way through it with her girl. K.Michelle says, “Joseline looks like she sleeps on beds without sheets. Don’t have that kind of person around your child.” Mimi is holding on strong to the idea that she moved in to Stevie’s house to keep Joseline away from her daughter. K.Michelle knows that sounds absurd. “No more, no more,” K.Michelle tells her. “There’s no reason to go back no more.” Mimi claims she’s done for the 110th time. “It’s like when your pot has bubbled over and there’s nothing left to spill out,” Mimi said. K has a solution for her to forget all about Stevie. “We go out next time we finna stand on tables, we finna scream, we finna get money. F— n—-.” A booty bump seals the deal.

Joseline booking agent Dawn reminds her she made over $100,000 in less than three months just from hosting and appearances. But Dawn encourages her to drop a single to double her money. Joseline blames Stevie for her single not dropping. “It’s like, they’re gonna get tired of me keep coming hosting a club and I’m not performing.” Stevie J had Joseline sign a contract, which means there’s a possibility she could not make a dime off of said single. “The only thing Stevie’s trying to give me is some beefcake, and a few dollars, and keep me like right here ‘Come on little puppy.’” Dawn keeps it real with Joseline calling Stevie J a hater. Will an attorney be in their near future?