Dwight Howard needs to buy a lifetime supply of condoms. Howard, who has four kids already with four different women, may now be expecting his fifth child with his current girlfriend Christine Vest.

Howard’s girl Christine was spotted at the Lakers game yesterday in San Antonio but wasn’t necessarily showing any baby bumps, so we are not sure if this is just a bad rumor.

I didn’t know this! According to Hello Beautiful, Dwight has 3 kids by 3 mothers (2 kids conceived within 3 months) confirmed, 2 more kids by 2 mothers unconfirmed, possible total of 5 kids by 5 different mothers. One of those women is former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed, who shares a son named Braylon.

Regardless of how many kids he has, Goodness – can this dude strap it up? Sheesh!