If you watched any parts of the RHOA5 reunion, you know it got a little heated between Kenya, Phaedra, Apollo, and Peter Thomas. Well, Peter Homas spoke about his feelings towards Kenya via twitter. Check out what he had to say:

Via Sister 2 Sister:

While Peter Thomas saw fit to criticize behavior on another Atlanta reality series, he made no apologies for his loud disagreement with Kenya Moore during the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.

Kenya took issue with the reality husband’s aggressive verbal exchange with her in defense of Walter Jackson, Kenya’s ex. Walter wasn’t invited to the reunion show, and Peter decided to take up for his new friend, challenging Kenya on nearly every comment she made about him.

“No real or decent man attacks a woman. The truth is, Peter, Apollo [Nida] and Kordell [Stewart] have all shown unacceptable aggression and intimidation toward woman,” wrote Kenya.

Though other women on the show also had to deal with the men’s differing points of view at times, Kenya seemed to really draw their ire. Peter was upset with her for insinuating that Walter might be a homosexual. Apollo accused her of ignoring the ring on his finger and inappropriately propositioning him. During a party hosted by Kenya during the season, Kordell raised his voice at her in defense of his wife, Porsha, who Kenya ejected from the shindig.

When confronted about the communication via Twitter, Peter reasoned that he was just offering his opinion.

“They call us out there for [a] reason,to get our Take on things,” wrote Peter, responding to a user Lillian28867945.

Though there’s a lot of arguing on “RHOA” that crosses gender lines, Peter pointed out that the show’s stars have never gotten as physical as the women on some other Atlanta reality shows.

“I just saw the fight on married to medicine,WOW!! Never on RHOA,in 5 years,and these are doctor wife,” he wrote. “On the REAL,if I saw that on love & hip hop I would expect that,but no on MM,these are older woman,walk away,not a good look.”