Who are NeNe Leakes’ half sisters? LOL! If you watched Sunday’s RHOA Season 5 Reunion show, there was some tension between NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks over some shade that involved NeNe’s “half sisters”! Hmmmm. Check out the scoop.

NeNe says “I don’t try to do low down dirty things to people.” Phaedra says she doesn’t as well. But NeNe calls her out. “Do we really have to go there to discuss what you have done to me so low down and dirty?”

After questioning by Andy Cohen, NeNe goes there. “Phaedra, in the first season, when I said I did not know you, what you did behind my back. You went and go and talk to my half sisters who I had not had a relationship with in over eight years. You went and sat with them and tried to dig up dirt [about me] and then you took them to your son’s birthday party?”

Phaedra replies “Before I even came on the show, your sisters had come to my office quite a few times. So don’t get it twisted NeNe.”

NeNe fires back. “I got to get it twisted. I just had a conversation with my sister. She told me everything that you did. You need to owe up to your own wrongdoing. What was your purpose of sitting somewhere with my half sisters?”

Leakes fumes further “What if I sit up on the show and get with your mama, or your aunt, or you’re ex boyfriend and try to bring your harm.” She adds “we all work on the show together, I am not trying to like you, but I don’t have to sit and try to do dirty things to you. You do have a past.”

We don’t know all the details but seems like NeNe believes Phaedra only contacted her sisters in an “evil plot” to dig up dirt from her past.

NeNe’s sister took to facebook to express their side. Check it out below.

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis: Its funny how you and your sister have the same MOTHER and she’s on tv calling you her half sister!!!! Now that’s Dirty!! @neneleakes

Agather Hepburn: Lol really dirty sister!!!!

Claudine Colthirst: SMH! I remember ur mom and mine (plain as it was yesterday) telling us about all ur siblings and about kamy and I. They said and I quote. You all came from the same place ME. Your sister’s no damn half-sisters. I kinda cleaned it up cause u know our moms mouth. But that basically it.

Val Carter: Oh and dont forget the quote U THINK THEY DONT WANNA BE IN MY LIFE…… WOW.

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis: And now everybody wants a interview !!! They want to know why we haven’t talk in 8 years. I know she don’t want the truth to come out SMH!!!

According to Reality Tea:

NeNe’s half-sisters did show up at Ayden’s first birthday party and apparently they spilled some dirt on NeNe and Gregg Leakes! And none of it was too kind. Rumor has it everyone in Atlanta was discussing what was said at the party.

The sisters dished on how NeNe and Gregg allegedly “scammed” several family members out of money “which was apparently why Nene and her sisters were ‘estranged’ at the time.” NeNe and Gregg have a tricky financial past – that’s been uncovered several times over, they were even investigated for some sort of mortgage fraud scheme and featured on local ATL news. NeNe, learning of Gregg’s involvement in the mortgage mess, is allegedly what led to the infamous “You have done me wrong as a husband!” blowout in S3.