This is just a H.A.M.! Rumor has it that Kordell cheated on Porsha with his ex-girl Tania Richardson before filing for divorce…But get this, Kordell cheated on Tania with Porsha, before they married. Juicy enough for you? Furthermore, Tania appeared briefly appeared on RHOA with Sheree Whitfield. They are friends. Check out the scoop!

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Via RealityWives.net:

The gossip keeps on swirling. In a new report Kordell has moved on quickly, back to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Syre, Tania Richardson.   Kordell was spotted attending church last Sunday with Richardson. The two were also spotted together again just two days before Stewart’s divorce filing was revealed. If Tania’s sounds familiar, Tania is the friend of former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield (Pic’d above) and was featured on a few episodes of RHOA. Tania has a career and is the office manager and marketing coordinator at Liberty House Restaurant Corporation and she’s also the co-owner of Beauty Fetish Salon.

Ironically, Kordell allegedly cheating on Tania with Porsha in 2009. Tania also wanted to appear on RHOA as a full time character. Mr Traditional said no and Tania obeyed her man. Eventually the relationship fizzled and Tania had enough of him and left.

Kordell later married Porsha, she was easy to control and willing to go along with the traditional marriage Kordell wanted, she was happy about this also. But then changed her mind later in the marriage, especially during taping RHOA. Kordell hated how he appeared on the hit show and was embarrassed by how his wife sounded and looked – like a gold-digger. Porsha for months tried to make everyone believe the marriage was going well, which it wasn’t. Kordell wanted out, Porsha may have been surprised by him filing, but she knew he wanted out.



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