John Legend is going behind-the-scenes for his new drama “Down Lo,” which will air on HBO under his Get Lifted Film Co.


John Legend is flexing his producer muscles with a new HBO project, “Down Lo.” The story is set in South Beach and promises to tell the stories of Miami’s music scene and “sports and fashion circles.” You’ve got your “top models” and your “athletes with their penchant for big money, fast cars, and beautiful women.”

Media Release says:

[Down Lo] deals with fame and secrets, with the stories told from multiple points of view. One of them will be that of a gay rapper living on the down-low as homosexuality is still not readily accepted in the hip-hop community. (In an interview just this week, Snoop Dogg said he doubts that homosexuality will ever be accepted in the “masculine” rap world.)


Via Huffington Post:

Singer-songwriter John Legend is about to dive into an entirely new arena, tackling the debate over whether or not gay performers can succeed in hip-hop in the process.

The Grammy Award-winning musician has recently sold the rights to a Miami-based series titled “Down Lo” via his Get Lifted Film Co., as Vibe points out.

Set in South Beach, the show reportedly will feature a clandestine gay rapper trying to prevail in hip-hop, according to Clutch Magazine.

According to Deadline, the series is expected to pull from the “Save Room” singer’s first-hand acquaintance.

“Down Lo” is being produced and directed by Tony Krantz and will be written by playwright Seth Zvi Rosenfield. Reece Pearson has signed on as the co-executive producer. Legend’s film company has also sold the rights to two other shows, including an untitled comedy loosely based on the performer’s childhood.