Rapper Trina mourns the loss of her brother. We hear he got murdered today in Miami, FL. Details are premature, but we would like to extend our condolences to Trina.


Trina’s mourns the loss of her brother Wilbrent Bain Jr.

Rapper Trina is reportedly reeling after hearing of the untimely passing of her younger sibling. Details are skimpy but according to reports, Wilbrent Bain Jr. a.k.a Goonk was gunned down in Dade County, Florida Tuesday. The younger brother of the female rapper was previously shot in 2008 but survived.

Since news broke of Bain’s death, social media has been flooded with people extending their condolences to Trina and Goonk’s family.




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Miami, FL – The streets of Miami and many people close to the former Slip-N-Slide artist Trina are saddened by the tragic events that occurred last night with the sudden loss of her baby brother known as ‘Gunki.’

According to sources close to Trina, her baby brother known to many people through his alias ‘Gunki’ was gunned down last night during an altercation with a known assailant.

‘Gunki’ leaves behind two children. Trina and her family are in total disarray as we can imagine. source: