Whoa Shots Fired! Wendy Williams recently cracked on Lil Kim‘s unflattering picture that surfaced online last week and the Queen B wasn’t having it. Lil Kim exploded on Twitter and exposed Wendy William’s romantic affair with the Notorious B.IG., aka Biggie Smalls.

Lil Kim claimed the image that was spread on the internet last week was photo-shopped. Wendy Williams laughed at that, saying that Kim was so plastic a pin would pop her, that she had “out-Latoya’ed Latoya Jackson,” and that she shouldn’t blame photo-shop, she should blame her plastic surgeon.

Lil Kim wears a big fur coat and fake eyelashes while out in NYC

After that, Lil Kim took to her twitter page and ripped Wendy Williams a new one. See below.

Lil Kim tweets to Wendy Williams:




Kim then posted a picture of her to prove that the unflattering image was photo-shopped.