Love & Hip Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz body parts gets exposed on the web.

Rich Dollaz, of the popular reality series “Love & Hip Hop,” does not confirm or deny that nude images are of him. “I guess this is the part where I get mad (and) talk sh**, but I won’t. I guess the b.s. image sh** is part of the game. No worries. Enjoy,” Dollaz said Wednesday.

The pictures were first posted on Funky Dineva Website.

“Let me go on record saying, I can’t undoubtedly say that these pictures are indeed Rich Dollaz, but if they aren’t, then there’s another middle aged chicken nuggety looking man running around out there that strikes an uncanny resemblance,” Funky Dineva



Rich Dollaz Denies That Those Naked Pictures On The Internet Are Him:

Rich Dollaz appears on “Love & Hip Hop,” which airs Monday nights on VH1.