Fantasia stopped by Power 99 in Philly and addressed the Jet Magazine controversy and why she was so upset over the magazine cover. Check out the interview below.

Excerpts from the interview below:

On the recent drama with JET magazine:

I worked so hard to get to where I am now. And I don’t want to take it back, I want to move forward. If I don’t stand for something, I’ll fall for anything. And I think that they were used to that Fantasia that never said anything and that’s why stuff got haywire when there was so much said about me. It was almost like using me as the clown act. I’m not that girl anymore. So I just wanted them to know, don’t take it back 10 years, when I’ve worked so hard and did a shoot for 10 hours, to show the new look with the new music, that’s all.

On whether she would consider doing another interview JET in the future:

Yeah! I’m not upset or angry with them, I just feel like if we’re all trying to move forward, and they’re asking me questions about the new look and the new sound, then use it. If it was too much for a shoot then we should have done a shoot with them.

On being viewed as an illiterate:

I think they took that and made me [look] plumb dumb. They made me plumb dumb. And when I speak about my schooling, I was trying to reach out to all those young people who are going through some of the same situations that I went through. I don’t even think at the time, I was so young. It wasn’t my priority. School, I just didn’t enjoy it. Singing was always on my mind. […] I wasn’t saying I couldn’t read, but, I hate to read. But that has changed for me now, because one thing I do read is my contracts. Because I will not allow anybody to mess me up. That’s where I messed up. So I will read those contracts and I will read those checks when they come in.

So, I gave them that window [of time] to run haywire and to say and do whatever, without me never saying anything and that Tasia has gone. So that’s why I wasn’t trying to go against JET, I love JET and I love what they represent as black people but I want them to know that this is my career that I have taken control over now and I don’t want anyone to mess it up.

On whether she’s still in a relationship:

I’m not in a relationship. I will say this, [Antwuan] is a great father, I have to give that to him. He is a great father and before you go any further, I will also say, you have to get your proof. Go check your records. I won that case.

[…] I think when we go looking for stuff that’s when we don’t find [it] I want to find me. The Bible says a man findeth a wife, so let him find me this time. I don’t want to find him. So right now I’m just focused on the album and my children.