Many fans of Dawn Richards (former member of Danity Kane) are convinced that she had a nose job after new pictures of her surfaced online. However, the singer says she did not undergo plastic surgery and photo editing was the blame for her altered look.


“Photoshop does wonders and seems to start $#!t too,” she tweeted after the rumors started. Some not only questioned what appeared to be a new nose, but accused her of bleaching her skin, too.

The photo above caused a commotion on the net because of her extremely contoured nose. Needless to say, her fans were disappointed and accused Dawn of having a nose job.

“Wow…That can’t be the same person…If so, self hated is rearing [its] ugly head for sure,” read one comment on

To clear things up, Dawn decided to post the original picture, before it was digitally altered.

“I mean I guess it doesn’t matter people (our people) believe what is most negative anyway…” she wrote.


Your thoughts? Do you think she had a nose job?

Here are some before and after shots of Dawn Richards.