The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown and said that Todd is “no opportunist” and is not marrying her for fame. Check out excerpts from her interview below.

Jamie: Kandi, when you were with AJ [Jewell], people were saying that he was marrying you for your money and all that stuff. None of that has come into being with Todd, right, because he’s got his own thing going?

Kandi: I heard different people like Wendy Williams trying to say he was an opportunist, but I was trying to figure out, “What does she mean by that?” Todd makes good money doing what he does, and he also has a lot of different business ventures going on outside of that. And he did not want to be on TV or anything.

I think, for AJ, it was more about if people can’t figure out how you make your money, then they always try to say, “Oh, you must not have any.” But you can clearly see that Todd is working. He does well, so no need to question it.