Singer Chris Brown was in a car accident on Saturday after being pursued by paparazzi.

Chris Brown was involved in a car crash Saturday afternoon, has confirmed.

Ironically, the incident happened the day before the Grammy Awards — it was on that same day in 2009 that Brown beat up his girlfriend Rihanna.

“There was a car accident,” Lt. Mike Foxen of the Beverly Hills Police Department tells

“I don’t believe it was totaled,” he said, disputing an Internet report that the Porsche was a total loss. “But I don’t work for an insurance company so I can’t say that.”

The accident took place in an alley in Beverly Hills at 12:03 pm, Lt. Foxen reveals.

Asked if the incident involved paparazzi, Foxen replied, “according to him [Brown].”

Brown left the scene on his own, no ambulance was called and no one was hurt. His car was towed away.

Brown and Rihanna are both expected at Sunday’s Grammy Awards .