Alicia Keys took to the stage for a performance during the 2013 NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show held at the Toyota Center on Sunday (February 17) in Houston, Tex.

She opened her set at Houston’s Toyota Center with “Empire State” and spun into “Girl On Fire.” I never seen A. Keys dance so much.
She also was criticized for her poor vocal performance.


Some of the reactions by fans via twitter:

More like Alicia *Off* Keys

Mark Deeks @MarkDeeksNBA
Explain to a foreign observer why we’re singing a song about New York in Houston.

sure, i’ll watch alicia keys. i just love being mad. we still playing this “neww yoooork” sh t? YOU ARE IN TEXAS.

“No energetic performers this weekend. And no rappers except for 2 Chainz guesting during Fall Out Boy.”-Someone the NBA should fire.

During Keys’ performance, Questlove of the Roots added a punctuation to the evening’s sound difficulties.

“Let this be a lesson folks, how the music is engineered effects how you perceive the artist singing,” he Tweeted. “So now Lica gotta go through a barrage of jeers on twitter cause THE MIX IS HORRID! I want union rules for tv to change so that contemporary engineers with some sort of hip-hop aesthetic is doing the mixing.”

Alicia Keys’ didn’t address any shortcomings, and tweeted this:

“I was so excited to hit the stage tonight!!” she tweeted. “Thanks for showing your love and support!”

Your thoughts on A. Keys performance?