Last night was the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop” (NY) Season 3. Did you get to see it? Your thoughts? You didn’t get to really get to know much of the cast in the first episode as it seemed to just focus on Joe Budden and his ex-girl Tahiry….Check out the recap.

Via VH1 Blog:

Love and Hip Hop took the third season back to its roots in New York City. Veterans Yandy, Erica, Rich and Olivia dominate the first episode with the storyline of a couple new additions sprinkled in like Mendeecees Harris, Yandy’s boyfriend. Rapper Joe Budden and video vixen Tahiry are exes working to rebuild their friendship. Jen The Pen, Consequence, Raqi, Lore’l, Winter Ramos and Rashidah Ali are also among the freshman class this season. When love and hip-hop are involved drama is bound to ensue.

Tahiry spent five rocky years in a relationship with Joe Budden. Joe’s attempt at building a friendship with Tahiry goes something like this: Compliment her booty. “It got fatter or something?” Over lunch tell her how much being friends would mean to you. When her response is, “Don’t nobody want a f—ing hug. Do it look like I want a f—ing hug?” he tries another method — push her buttons.

“What does Tahiry do for anybody outside of Tahiry Jose?” This is not going to end well. “The nerve of you Joe,” she replies. “This is why I don’t even speak to you.” Now she’s pissed, like veins protruding from the forehead mad. And just like that, sangria is on Joe’s lap after Tahiry flipped the table.

With the help of her new manager, Erica is trying to transition from modeling for urban men’s magazine to mainstream. Erica doesn’t have a problem doing urban magazines while Rich thinks it’s time to move beyond “booty modeling.” “That’s my bread and butter, that’s how I eat, that’s how I survive,” she tells him. Rich needs her to trust him as her manager. “Sit in the passenger side, feel comfortable to dose off because I can drive,” he told her. But what about that kiss? Business and pleasure have definitely been mixed.

Yandy looks like she’s ready to burst nearly a week away from delivery. Yandy wanted to figure out how they, operative word being they, were going to get all the presents home from the baby shower. Mendeecees has the bright idea that Yandy’s father is going to drive the U-haul to their apartment with all the gifts. So that means Mendeecees will be doing what exactly? “I’m going with Vital to the club,” he tells his expecting girlfriend. He really thought that was going to go over well with a nine-months pregnant woman. Good luck, buddy.

Raqi is the industry insider and Joe’s best friend. Joe tells Raqi he believes Tahiry is still in love with him. See, ladies. Reacting angrily makes (some) men think you still care. Raqi co-signs her bestie’s theory, but she doesn’t understand why her friendship with Tahiry has suffered just because Tahiry and Joe are no longer together.

Word on the street is that Rich and Erica are a couple. Since Rich is Olivia’s manager/best friend she needs to know if this is true, and if so she wants them to understand how their foolishness can tarnish her image. “Are you cool with people knowing y’all mess around? She’s a bit much,” Olivia asked. Rich insists his relationship with Erica isn’t that serious. Olivia’s concern is that if things go sour it will affect her brand. And things will go sour when Rich openly agrees with Olivia when she said, “You like p—-y.”

Rashidah is the voice of reason for Tahiry. Every woman needs a friend like her. She flat out tells her friend she’s not over Joe, but needs to move on. “Joey is like, ‘I still got you.’ As the table is being flipped into the air he’s like, ‘Yes. That makeup sex is going to be crazy.’” Don’t shoot the messenger.

They say women like to pop up unexpectedly on their man. Well, Stevie J and Joe Budden are showing folks men do it too. Joe went to Tahiry’s job since she wasn’t answering her phone. “The minute I give you the I don’t want to speak to you, you pop up at my job and you do s—- that’s unfair to me,” she says through tears. As a peace offering he invites her to his “27th” birthday pool party to work on their friendship.

Yandy is no-nonsense when it comes to her beau not pulling his weight. Leaving the baby shower to go clubbing was not acceptable as far as she’s concerned. The bigger issue is Mendeecees wanting to move into a new place a week before the baby is coming. “At the end of the day, you own this place, and I feel real uncomfortable living in something my name’s not on,” he said. That’s fair. Moving a week before the baby’s due? As Yandy so eloquently put it, he has to get his head out the clouds.

Raqi wants to get to the bottom of why her friendship with Tahiry went left. They befriended each other because of Joe. Raqi started hanging with Joe more and his ex, Tahiry, wasn’t feeling it. To top it off Tahiry doesn’t think Raqi is genuine and considers her an opportunist. “I’ve been called worse by better,” Raqi responds. There were rumors that Raqi and Joe were intimate, which was the icing on the cake for Tahiry to cut off her former friend. During their sit down nothing was resolved.

Olivia orchestrates a sit down with Erica and Rich, which is completely bizarre and was inevitably going to end up a disaster. “We rocking,” Erica said. Olivia notices the “R” tattoo on Erica’s hand, but Rich is still fronting as if their relationship isn’t that serious. Oh boy. Erica’s not happy Olivia didn’t know about their relationship. “I wasn’t hiding anything,” he said. Erica walks out after Olivia kept poking to find out the status of their relationship without letting Rich speak. But of course in Olivia’s mind she’s just doing what she needs to protect her brand.

Raqi is sassy with Tahiry the moment she shows up to Joe’s pool party. Joe decides everyone should play Truth or Truth instead of Truth or Dare, which is where all the drama begins. Raqi starts going on and on to Tahiry that truth means, uh, telling the truth. Tahiry doesn’t understand why Raqi is even addressing her since the two don’t get along. Tahiry jumps up ready to fight. “You better check this b—h,” Tahiry said.

Not realizing this game may not be the best idea Joe gets everyone to sit at the table to get Truth or Truth underway. Tahiry asks Joe, “Have you guys been intimate?” referring to him and Raqi. Nope. Raqi makes kissing noises to antagonize Tahiry. “Trying to get punched in the face,” Tahiry said. Tahiry’s had enough so she does the predictable: Toss a drink in Raqi’s face. Joe will not let his friendship with Tahiry be jeopardized so he gives Raqi the boot, throwing her out of his house.

It’s going to be a wild ride with the drama between Erica and Rich, Olivia and Erica, Joe, Tahiry and Raqi. Tune in every Monday at 8:00 PM ET/PT to watch it play out.