UPDATE: The reports that Frank Ocean was arrested due to suspicious sexual activity is FALSE. According to the actual police report, Frank Ocean was pulled over and detained for driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession and a tinted window violation. The rapper was driving a black BMW on US-395, exceeding the 65 mile-per-hour speed limit, when his vehicle was pulled over. Rumor SQUASHED!


I am not sure how true this is just yet, but reports say that singer Frank Ocean was arrested over the holidays by police after being pulled over for “driving suspicions.” Driving Suspicions? Well lets just say he supposedly got pulled over for suspicion of public sexual relations with a male friend while driving. YIKES! Again, this is all RUMORS. Nothing has been confirmed.

Ever since Frank Ocean revealed last summer that his first love was a man, music’s enigmatic golden child has been tight-lipped about anything regarding his romantic life, leaving fans and critics scurrying for rare details. But now it appears that Ocean may have just blown the lid on his private life as rumors spread that the Channel Orange singer was recently arrested for public sex in a car with a male friend.

Details on the incident are still sketchy, but what is known for sure, according to Vibe Vixen, is that Ocean was spending the holidays in a vacation home in Mammoth Lake and over the weekend he was pulled over by local police, who claimed he was “driving suspicious” in Mono County, Calif.

While being detained by police, Ocean tweeted a photo from the back of the cop car with the caption, “Worst trip ever.”


Now, here’s where things get a little risqué. According to gossip site Yazmar, Ocean was reportedly riding with a male friend (not Willy Cartier, who was in Paris) and rumors claim that he and his friend were, ahem, engaging in “Teddy Pendergrass sex in the front seat” when they were pulled over.

The rumor has yet to be confirmed, but we’re sure that whether it’s true or not, Ocean’s going to remain mum on the incident.