After two years, former video model/groupie Kat Stacks was released yesterday from a Louisiana immigration facility following an appeal. Check out the scoop!

Via allhiphop.com:

(AllHipHop News) The controversial internet star known as Kat Stacks was released from a deportation facility in Louisiana today (January 3rd).

It was just over a year ago that Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. told Kat Stacks, born Andrea Herrera, that she was going to be deported to her country of origin, Venezuela, after she was arrested for a felony charges that included carrying a concealed firearm in Broward County and disorderly conduct.

Then following an appeals process, Judge Beatmann signed the order to release Kat Stacks from her Louisiana immigration facility.

Kat Stacks is well known for her claims to having had wild sex with several rappers including Soulja Boy and Nelly, both of whom denied many of the allegations she spoke about.

Originally Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained Kat Stacks and a judge declared “she wasn’t going to add anything to American society.”

Despite the courts stance on her citizenship, her family and lawyer said she was a victim of sex trafficking and that Herrera made up the Kat Stacks persona to survive.

Ultimately, the appeals board voted 2-1 to grant her appeal, stating that it considered Herrera’s criminal history, and declared that “Kat Stacks persona is disturbing and in no way a positive contribution to society,” but that, “other compelling factors, particularly her long history of abuse, outweigh the negative factors.”

Additionally, Kat Stacks has a child born in the United States so that was a factor that the judge and appeals committee considered.

Check NBC Miami’s local news covering the case below.

p.s. A lil birdie told me she is now dating the owner of WorldStarHipHop.com.

Following her release, Kat jumped right on Twitter to thank God, her attorneys, her fans, and boyfriend ‘Q’ from WorldStarHipHop.Com for helping to stop her deportation and for helping her get out of jail.