Former video model Karrine Steffans has decided to, yet again, to write another book, but this time it will be about her on-again-off-again relationship with rapper Lil Wayne. Supposedly the book is entitled ‘How to Make Love to a Martian’ and is suppose to come out late this year.

“Wayne and I have kept a relationship through my two husbands, his three kids, three additional baby mamas, three of his albums, three of my books, three of his arrests, one year in prison and three engagements on his part,” she revealed. “We are indestructible and I find it fascinating.”

She said she went into a day-long depression after he name-dropped her in his latest Future- and Drake-laced single “Good Kush & Alcohol.”

Here’s her video offering to announce the process of penning her tale on Tunechi…SMH.

Karrine Steffans: How from Karrine & Co.® on Vimeo.