Love and Hip Hop castmember, Erica Mena, clearly loves to beef on camera and off. The latest Erica Mena beef involved radio personality Angela Yee. It all started when Power 105.1′s Angela Yee posted a link that featured a snippet of Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena‘s debut single “Fantasy,” posing the question: “What y’all think of Erica Mena singing?”

After tons of responses came in dissing the song, Erica fired back saying:

“This cabbage patch slore bag loves talking about me so when I run into let’s see if she can still say all this to my face. @angelayee,” Mena tweeted. “You need to really be asking what people are going to think when I slap the blood out your face @angelayee.”   Yee’s respons: “So sad that this person has a child somewhere in the world…”

Erica Mena is a certified nutcase. Yep I said it 🙁

Erica also went in on her boyfriend, Rich Dollaz’s baby mama….

Erica also got at Chaundrea Nicolle after reading a statement in which Chaundrea took issue to Erica hooking up with Rich, which Chaundrea says is a bad message for their daughter. Instead of denying Rich’s responsibility as a father, Erica focused on Chaundrea’s personal life, including her ride and hair.

“LOL Chaundreas truck looking broke down in court today! Fake LV bag and nappy ass hair lmfao pic.”SOURCE