50 Cent made a guest appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio Show. He spoke about his relationship with talk show host Chelsea Handler and how Ciara played a part in why they broke up. He also spoke about why he won’t reunited with The Game and more. Check it out below.

About 50 Cent’s break up with Chelsea:

They played past audio from when Chelsea stopped by the radio show, saying 50 called her to let her know Ciara was still in love with him and she still calls him and tells him he misses her. 50 cent wanted to give her a heads up , cause Ciara was set to be interviewed on Chelsea’s late night show. After that conversation Chelsea said she never spoke to him again.

On 50 cent and Chelsea’s Sex Life:

50 cent revealed Chelsea called him Curtis while having sex. 50 cent says Chelsea is gator, says he had to hold on, she’s all over the place.

Watch here:

Alternate video (if above doesn’t work):