During a recent exhibition match, 22-year-old Caroline Wozniacki (pictured) decided to make tennis superstar Serena Williams the “butt” of her joke. Was it racist?

SAO PAOLO, Brazil – Caroline Wozniacki did an impression of her friend Serena Williams during an exhibition match this past weekend.

Playing a match in Sao Paolo against Maria Sharapova, Wozniacki added a bit of padding in different areas and played a point “as” Williams.

Wozniacki used towels to stuff in her rear area and up in her bra to poke fun at her friend.

There’s no word on what Williams thought of the joke, but already some people are saying the stunt was racist.

Wozniacki is white and some people believe she was making fun of certain body types.

One blogger has already written: “mocking and making fun of the bodies of black women for a laugh?”

Reactions to this joke have been mixed. Yahoo Sports called the impression, “hilarious” and noted, “The likeness to Serena, you’ll surely agree, is uncanny.”

What are your thoughts? Was it in poor taste?