Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora are over. The couple has been dating for a couple of months now, but Rob says Rita cheated on him. He put her on blast on Twitter (of course…)…Check it out below.

More tweets from Rob:

Sister Khloe Kardashian got in on the action too, tweeting “Cheaters never prosper @RobKardashian ill be home today… Try and smile little brother.” She later deleted that tweet.

Khloe later posted “Rob be nice kiddddd,” seemingly in response to his nasty messages.

“Social media is so much drama. Hehehe thank goodness there was no social media when I was younger,” she added.

So far Rita has remained silent, instead tweeting only about her upcoming tour. We also reached out to Rita’s rep for comment, but so far haven’t heard back.

Rita responds:

What happened to the days of just picking up the phone and cussing someone out?

How will they cover their tatts?