Who watched last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo last night? OMG! These girls are all nutty! I can’t get over Kenya’s classic line of the night “I’m GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS”. WTF? Haaaaa 🙂 Recap after the jump!

Gone with the Wind Fabulous : Kenya makes it a point to let all the ladies, especially Porsha, know how fabulous she is.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Kenya is coo coo for cocoa puffs!

Check out the Recap by Reality Wives TV:

Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 5, Episode 7 Recap

Kenya asks Phaedra, which of her friends would she give to Apollo for a birthday gift. Phaedra was not happy. Kenya realizes that her stupid question hit a nerve and Phaedra was not playing. Porsha tells Cynthia Kenya was rubbing her butt on Peter’s genitalia. Cynthia claims she didn’t see this happen. Is Cynthia blind? Cynthia then decides to give Kenya a pass. Garbage! Gregg cooks the group dinner – salad and kebabs. Cynthia shares she went into the third shift last night – hot sex – the cameras are focused on Kenya and Walter. They are looking dead. Kenya claims she is possibly getting engaged or eloping. Boy oh boy this woman is something else, since Walter revealed last week, his and Kenya’s relationship was fake, Kenya is milking this messy lie for all it’s worth, she claims Walter is lying. The ladies get ready for the wedding. Kenya works out and it appears that she changed into another workout outfit, unless that was editing. Porsha makes an appearance, she and Kenya are cordial to each other. Then Cynthia arranged a day of pampering. Is this before the wedding? This ill chronological order of Bravo’s editing is not funny anymore. First they’re getting ready for the wedding, now they’re going to the spa for the day!? Nene gets on the massage table fully clothed and is shocked when it’s suggested she take off her short and brassiere. Yes Nene was wearing a brassiere. Has Nene never gotten a massage before? That massage looked very relaxing. They talk about weddings and Kenya claims she and Walter may elope and have a reception in Atlanta. Kenya needs to get off this train, I feel really bad for her, you don’t antagonize the crazy. Kenya says she hs no problem getting a ring, she’s had 6 proposals – Another Danielle Staub I see who was engaged 19 times. The only proposal Kenya has ever recieved is from A & E’s Intervention? Kenya is getting heated as Nene thinks she looks odd, especially heavily flirting with anyone in a pair of trousers. Nene asks Kenya is they’re relationship real. Kenya says her relationship is real. Real fake.

This was the FUNNIEST part:

Later that evening, the ladies are in their sexy gowns complete and have fruits and wine and they chat about the vow renewal. Nene then states that she couldn’t wait to be around Kenya as she heard so much gossip. Porsha then states that Kenya was different from their first encounters, she is now relaxed and nice. Which is the beginning of the end. Nene asks what happened. Instigate much? Porsha then tells her side. Kenya is not loving this explanation at all. They start to talk over each other. Porsha calls her a non factor, you are not Evelyn, Porsha. They go back and forth and it is not until Porsha says that Kenya is Miss 40 year old, that Kenya get’s up and it’s murder she wrote. They are screaming at each other and Kenya is ready to lay some hands on Porsha.

Porsha, “If I was alive when you got your title”. So Porsha wasn’t alive in the 90s? Porsha cant call anyone ghetto. She was in a video called ‘Some Cut’. Lot’s of legacy there Porsha.

Nene tries to calm Kenya down while Porsha goes off. They should have gotten Porsha to calm down and be quiet, you can’t talk sensibly to someone who is crazy. We don’t use the word insane, we prefer the term mentally hilarious,

Kenya: “I am ghetto. But I’m also sophistifcated, educated, classy. I’m a lot of things!” She twirls around and utters those iconic words, “I’m gone with the wind fabulous.” I think not Kenya O’Hara. When Kenya twirled around like she was Scarlett O’Hara how did the cameraman not fall on the floor laughing?

Porsha should have just ended the argument with, “Well I have a husband, what do you have, a proactive endorsement?

Porsha and her Porshaism’s, “Wayment”, bless her, she is after all missing 100 days off her calendar. What were your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Peter and Cynthia renew vows:

Porsha and Kenya Come to Blows: The tension between Porsha and Kenya explode in Anguilla.