As previously posted, Phaedra Parks is showing everyone how to get her donkey booty in a new workout DVD which she partnered with her husband on. Take a sneak peek of the video below along with the promo pics!

Phaedra’s hubby, Apollo Nida, is a certified fitness trainer. Together they have come out with a fitness DVD that focuses on the posterior and how to get tight abs.

Will you have a “donkey booty” like hers after working out to this DVD?

“You can start off as flat as a board. And if you work the glutes, you can build the muscle, so it has that nice curvy appeal,” Phaedra explained. “Do some squats, some lunges, you will really see your legs and your behind just lifting.” She added, “All booties can be beautiful booties. It’s just a matter of toning and lifting them. Some people think a donkey booty is just a gigantic booty, but it’s not. It’s a nice perfect round behind, and anyone can have it.”

Phaedra and Apollo previewed the workout at Atlanta FitFest. Sneak peek below:


Will you be buying Phaedra and Apollo’s fitness DVD?