Did you watch part One of the BBW LA Reunion Show on Monday. Well, fans of the show wanted Gloria Govan and her man Matt Barnes to let us all in on the wedding. Rather, Gloria (who is rumored to have been quicked off the show) privately ‘eloped’ in Las Vegas for a surprise wedding. Check out what Gloria has to say and recap of the reunion show…

“I think that got really misconstrued. It wasn’t that I went to Vegas to get married,” Gloria explained to S2S, sharing that the wedding went down during another family get-together. “We went to Vegas for my sister’s birthday. And actually that’s when it happened–it was very unplanned, very random, and it was cool.”

“It happened within hours of making that decision,” Gloria revealed. “I mean I got married in jeans and a tank top, you know. There was no white dress. There wasn’t a veil. There wasn’t a ‘everyone come to Vegas because we’re getting married’ [announcement]. It was very random.”

The couple plans on renewing their vows next year, but it won’t be another quickie in ‘Vegas.

“We’re going to do a bigger wedding this summer coming up in Santa Barbara. Matt’s very traditional,” Gloria dished. We’re definitely going to do it big this summer.”

Meanwhile, In the first hour of the two-part Season 2 reunion special, Jackie and Laura show they haven’t overcome their differences and Gloria makes a bold declaration about her place in the BBW LA universe.

In case you missed it, check out Part One of the BBW LA Reunion Show below: