On the first part of the “Basketball Wives L.A.” reunion, Gloria made a comment that the L.A. show wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for her… Uh really?

“Let’s not get shit twisted. I’m the reason why there’s a spinoff. Gloria came to L.A. with my sister and we started Basketball Wives L.A.,” Gloria said.


After Part One of the interview aired, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie went in on Gloria for her smart a$$ comment. See below:

I just need to make something CLEAR! It is because of @ShaunieONeal creating BBW Miami,Shed Media & @VH1 that there is a “SPIN-OFF” #CarryOn


Thank u Boo! I’ve been telling myself 2 put the phone down #iwontaddresstrash lol RT @EvelynLozada: (cont) tl.gd/ka9555

Gloria’s comeback via twitter:

What are your thoughts? Does Gloria have a point?