We hear that Antwaun Cook’s family does not like his baby mama, singer, Fantasia at all. It was evident in an exchange on Instagram after Fantasia posted a picture of her and Antwaun. Check out the scoop below!

Via S2S magazine:

Fantasia went off on Antwaun Cook’s family after she posted a picture of them spending Thanksgiving together.

The holidays are time for family! To show that she was onboard with that notion, Fantasia posted a picture of herself and Antwaun looking pretty happy on turkey day with the caption “RUN and TELL THAT.” One of his family members was not feeling the couple (yes, Fantasia and Antwaun are still together) update on Instagram, though.

Moments afer Fantasia put the picture up, a woman named Vickie Henry, who stated, “So now I’m speaking out girl [you[ nor your boyfriend [do] I care about.”

Fantasia didn’t take too kindly to that and she immediately fired off an extended rant about her and the rest of Antwaun’s family. “Wow..crazy it was for the world my Love NOT U!!! I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU,” Fantasia replied. “HE DONT TALK OR TELL ME THINGS ABOUT HIS FAMILY.”

And Fantasia really didn’t appreciate how Vickie took her beef to the world wide web. The singer challenged her hater to say all of that to her face and handle things like adults. “We grown you’re more than welcome to come to my Home. Face to Face. [Woman to Woman],” she dared. “Come on now, you older than me doing this again? I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU.”

Fantasia has since taken down her tired and the offending comment, but get the full rundown of what was said and the pic that started it all below!