Check out this clip from the episode of “Anderson Live” that shows Bow Wow and Snooki exchanging various parenting stories. Maybe Bow Wow isn’t a dead beat after all???

Check out their convo below.

Anderson: And your a new dad as well?

Snooki: Oh My God. What’s her name? Shai? That’s a beautiful name by the way. You know what’s cool we are both new parents.

Bow Wow: Yeah, she wouldn’t let me watch what I wanted to watch, it was cartoon day.

Snooki: Isn’t it awesome being a parent? And I love the fact that we are both young because we are good looking parents but when they are eighteen years old we are still going to be alive, well not alive, but like we’re still going to be able to hang out with them and move around because we are still going to be young parents.

Anderson: I would love to see a babysitting date between you two.

Snooki: Oh we’d have so much fun. I am awesome mom.

Bow Wow: I would do a lot of stop, no, sit down, wait wait.

Anderson: We tried to figure out what to get you, I know you change a lot of diapers.

Bow Wow: I have a couple of times.

Snooki: Did you get peed on yet? I get peed on all the time.

Bow Wow: No I have not gotten that treatment yet from her.

Anderson: Why do you get peed on?

Snooki: Because I change his diaper, and then he pooped on my hand once and that was awesome.

Bow Wow: See I just call for her mom, I just call for her mom.

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Rapper and new “106 & Park” host Bow Wow answered a few fan questions backstage after his appearance on “Anderson Live.”

Here are some Twitter questions he answered:
Would he ever consider a role in a horror movie?
Who inspires him?
Would be want to create a sequel for any of the films he’s been in?

Watch what Bow Wow had to say!

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Pics of Snookie and her baby: