Kim Zolciak’s Ex “Big Poppa” was arrested!

UPDATE: Lee Najjar (Kim Zolciak’s ‘Big Poppa’) arrested for failure to appear in court.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kim Zolciak’s Ex Big Poppa Has Been Arrested!

Lee Najjar who was known on “Real Housewives” as Kim Zolciak’s mysterious ex-sugar daddy “Big Poppa” was arrested in Atlanta this week.

Najjar was taken into custody by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept. on November 6 … though it’s unclear why he was arrested. (Developing)

According to law enforcement, Najjar has since been released from custody.

Najjar has developed a reputation as a fame whore especially when it came to flaunting his wealth. Back in 2009, he showed off his ATL mansion on an episode of MTV’s “Teen Cribs” and then funded Kim Z’s ridiculous spending sprees back when he was “dating” her, although married to his wife who is also named Kim.

W/ his wife Kim…

W/ his misress Kim.