Hey Ladies, and some of you men! Did you know that YOGA is great for healthy sex? Check out my girl, Simone @ OWN YOUR POWER TV, and experts as they explain the another side to Yoga that many people probably don’t think about. SEX! Check it out below…

Via Own Your Power:


Yoga is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress. I thought I’d share with Own Your Power TV viewers another side to Yoga that many people probably don’t think about. It’s sex…yes of course the obvious is that Yoga makes you more flexible, but there are other things it can do to enhance your life behind closed doors. Listen to our experts share their tips in this THREE-PART SERIES.

Part One features: Dana Smith of www.spiritualessenceyoga.com and Kemet Amon, Yoga Instructor in Miami.
Part Two features: Celebrity instructor, Robin Downes of www.Yogaflava.com, Inge Ford aka Yaya of http://yaya-yoga.com and Fitness Coach, George Williams of www.Georgewilltrain.com.

In Part Three: Coach Simone Kelly speaks to Yoga Instructor, Megan Johnson and Rob Newmans about Acroyoga – http://www.facebook.com/Megaradd. She’s later joined by German Dubois (OYP Correspondant/Fitness Trainer) who gave his two cents on why he now likes Yoga as a newbie.

Please post your comments and share how Yoga has helped you and if you are new to Yoga, what do you think about it now? Make sure you watch parts 1 and 2 first. Please post your comments below!

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