Zoe Saldana has gotten a lot of backlash for being chosen to play Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic. Some could not imagine Zoe playing the legendary soul singer. As you know, Nina Simone had beautiful dark chocolate skin, and Zoe is light skinned. We got a glimpse of Zoe’s transformation for the movie. Check put the photos below.

Many believe that casting Saldana, who dons an Afro wig, dark makeup and a prosthetic nose to play the musical icon, is an insult to Simone’s legacy.

Take a look at the transformation below and tell us what you think!

The person behind Nina Simone’s official website has published a harsh open letter blasting Saldana and director Cynthia Mort for their participation in the film.

“Discussions over Zoe being or not being ‘black enough’ are the most heated and the most prevalent,” the letter states. “While I understand this, I think it deals only with the symptom of what is going on rather than the underlying gentrification of Nina’s identity itself. If they were telling the true story of Nina Simone, Zoe would not have ended up in this role.”

The letter continues, “given the focus on Nina’s fire of a spirit in fighting for beautiful dark skinned and wide nosed black women, how in the world could they have cast Zoe Saldana, only then to darken her and widen her nose?”