What do you think? Does Lenny Kravitz have what it takes to play Marvin Gaye? Well we hear the rockstar has been signed to play the role of Marvin Gaye in an upcoming biopic directed by Julien Temple.

According to Rolling Stone, the film is set to start filming next year and will focus on Gaye’s time in Europe in the early 1980s when the singer was trying to curb his addictions and restart his career with the help of British promoter Freddy Cousaert. Insiders report that this one has secured music rights, so it’s legit.

This is a big career move for Lenny Kravitz as this role will mark Kravitz’s first leading turn. He has previously played supporting parts in The Hunger Games and Lee Daniels’ Precious. Kravitz is also set to appear in the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as well as The Butler, a new White House drama from Daniels.

Source: Rollingstone.com