Oscar award-winning actress Halle Berry recently visited Chelsea Lately to promote dramatic sci-fi film Cloud Atlas, which is in theaters now. The movie is sad to be “crappy” and Chelsea calls her out on it. LOL!

Berry quickly the intricate storyline with host Chelsea Handler.

“It’s really simple,” she starts. “It’s really about a subject that we’ve all thought about–reincarnation. Where were before we were here, and what happens before we die?”

She adds, “This movie presents the idea that we are reincarnated and that every choice we make in this lif, either an act of cruelty or an act of kindness, the effects of it reverberate for years and years and years.”

Handler jumped in, “Even when a movie ends up crappy, other good things can come out of it. You met your fiancé on a movie.”

Berry shot back, “On a sh*t movie.”