Did you watch last night’s episode of Chrissy an Mr. Jones on VH1? Well, in Episode 8 Chrissy has to make a decision to move back in with Jim or to find her own place and move on with her life without Jim. Check out the highlights:

Funny/Best Moments from last night’s episode:

Freddie goes over to Mama Jones’ house to apologize but the conversation ends with the two of them breaking up and ending their friendship and business relationship.

Jim takes Chrissy on a romantic date throughout New York City. They take the subway to Harlem and later tour the city on a double decker bus.

After their romantic date, Jim asks Chrissy to come home because he misses her and does not want to be without her.

Chrissy, Talia, Emily, Mama Jones, and Jim talk about their journey and finding the happy ending to their own story.

I love Chrissy and Jim!

Bonus Clips:

While helping Mama Jones buy a new stove, Jim talks to his mom about buying Chrissy a gift in order to help mend their relationship.

Jim’s assistant, Tina, meets with Jim to confirm his plans for his romantic date with Chrissy.

Source: VH1