Stephon Marbury is no stranger to having extramarital affairs. In fact, the most recent scandal involved his family chef! SMH! According to reports, the Family chef was doing a bit more than just feeding the Marbury family. Court documents reveal that Marbury and the family chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, had sex on approximately five occasions. When her employment was terminated, Marbury was worried she would tell his wife or sell the story, so he offered her $900,000 to be quiet.

He kept to his promise, SOMEWHAT, and over the next few years, he paid her $600,000, but when he ran into money problems. Marbury had to then cut his former chef off, and in turn she filed a lawsuit seeking the rest of the cash. Last week, an arbitrator ruled she’s entitled to $330,000 because Marbury willingly entered into the agreement, and she upheld her end of the bargain by not talking publicly. DAMN!!!!

Now the chef-turned-mistress, claims he “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job” will be rewarded $330,000.

WOW – gotta love it! SMH!