Things are not looking good for Pilar Sanders in the ugly divorce battle with former NFL star Deion Sanders. A judge has decided that the pre-nuptial agreement between them was indeed rock solid and Pilar’s request for more money won’t be granted.

According to reports, Pilar claimed that the pre-nup document had been forged and extra pages had been added to the agreement after she originally signed it.

Via NBC News:

Deion Sanders said his wife took the deal more than 12 years ago and is now seeking more money.

“It’s greed,” he said. “You signed the contract. We had a prenuptial, and now you don’t like the terms of it because of the realization that it’s over, your lifestyle will no longer be the same way. It’s greed.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the judge overseeing the dispute said Pilar Sanders signed the agreement, that she did so voluntarily and that she cannot bring the claim that it is invalid before the court again.

“It’s David and Goliath,” said her attorney, Larry Friedman. “We stay the course. We’re the underdog, and it’s hard to win when you play by the rules.”

Pilar Sanders also asked that her husband be held in contempt of court. The former model claims he’s not paying the $10,500-per-month child support that the judge ordered.

“I’m not going to give up for my children,” she said. “I’m going to continue to fight for what they want and deserve.”

Deion Sanders insists that $10,500 is too much money, and he claims he has been paying the maximum amount that the state allows but didn’t specify an exact amount.

An arbitrator will handle the divorce case from here. As the prenuptial agreement is written, Pilar Sanders received a $100,000 signing bonus when she signed it and will get $1 million when the divorce is final.

“I’m just tired of this,” Deion Sanders said. “Move on. Go on with your life. Let’s do it. You got a mil coming. Let’s go. Let’s do it.”

“I didn’t marry hm for money, obviously,” Pilar Sanders said. “I’ve been married to him for 14 years. My intent was to marry forever, but obviously, it wasn’t his.”

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Deion is a happy camper. Deion celebrated his win via Twitter writing:

“Boy I wanted to get up and do my dance today in court! I always told you a lie has No endurance and the Truth will win in the end! Yes Lawd”