Tyler Perry has ended his latest tour after getting fed up with scalpers and bootleggers who raise the prices of tickets. Perry will be pulling out months ahead of schedule of his ‘Madea Gets a Job’ tour. He says, “Unfortunately, due to circumstances that I can’t control, we’ve had to cancel this leg of the Madea Gets A Job tour”.

Tyler explained that although tickets range from $25 to $65 so that it’s easier for fans to see his show, the price can quickly escalate for a number of reasons.

“Even though I set these prices so that they are affordable, fees are added that are out of my control and the price of the tickets can almost double,” Tyler stated, before pointing out that in many cases fans are being cheated by a third party. “Add to that, when you go online looking for tickets, IN LOTS OF CASES, you are being led to a bootlegger and you don’t even know it.”

The theatrical mogul also revealed that there are people promising some unsuspecting fans face time with him for a certain price as well.

“Also, there are some horrible people who are pretending to be me or representing me on Facebook and charging people money to do a meet and greet on the tour,” Tyler stated. “They are telling people that they are me or working for me and charging them $150 for a meet and greet after the play. DON’T FALL FOR THIS!! That’s not me.”

In closing, Tyler offered up his apologies for letting down so many loyal fans, but he couldn’t guarantee that all of them would get refunds.

“To all of you who have bought tickets and made plans to be there I am so sorry. I really am but my hands are tied,” said Tyler. “This was the last live Madea tour and I’m super sorry that you won’t get to see it live. All refunds should be given back to you”


source: S2S Magazine