Rumors were going around earlier this week that LHHATL’s Scrappy was cheating on his fiance Erica Dixon with some random chick (photo’d below)…Scrappy has responded to the rumors via twitter. Check out the scoop below:

According to ryhmeswithsnitch:

“That chic named Adiz Bambi who is on BasketBall Wives LA… It sucks when a female has no respect though for marriages or engagements. I guess her and Scrappy are messing around from the looks of Instagram…. Cant wait to see what other scandalous things she is going to be doing after I already saw her on the super trailer kissing Draya.”

Take a look at the pic that was posted on Instagram that is causing all the ruckus:

Scrappy wants you to know in his own language that he is not cheating on Erica.

He tweeted:

LIL SCRAPPY (MERLO)@lilscrappylive

For erbody info I aint cheatin on my boo ya fiznyee me I love that rumor shit tho keep me goin foo lol