Kato Kaelin says O.J. Simpson killed his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, according to the New York Post …but Kato says he never said that. Check out the scoop!

NY POST reports: OJ killed his wife, Kato says

Unless you were born after 1996, you know Kato Kaelin. In the Year of Our Lord 1994, Kato Kaelin was famous. Hot. Headlines. Front page. In everyone’s mouth. On everybody’s lips. TV, radio, newspapers. Kindergarten kids crayonned his name. More mentions of Kato and lawyer Kardashian than today’s mentions of Kanye and Kardashian’s kid Kim.

He was a star of O.J. Simpson’s trial for killing his wife, Nicole. At their house that night, he saw, he heard. He knew who, what and where. The prosecution labeled Kaelin a hostile witness. Unemployed, a freeloader, did he tell the truth then? The world smelled O.J.’s guilt. Simpson went free.

Ask Kaelin today, this very minute, if O.J. — currently jailed in Vegas on a separate charge — killed his wife, and I repeat his exact words:

“The statute of limitations has now passed . . . so I can now say . . . yes, he did it.”

Why didn’t he come forward and tell the truth? Ask why he let O.J. Simpson get away with murder, and I repeat his exact words:

“I was too scared. I was terrified.”

Time and his moment have passed. Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here together in memoriam of Kato Kaelin’s dead career. He says: “People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

Little bit of a personality, little bit of a talk-show host and guest, little bit of a D-list actor in Z-minus movies, little bit on game shows, poker tournaments, reality things that didn’t make it. He’s now starting a Web site to answer questions, chat personalities, maybe do a book.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/cindy_adams/oj_killed_his_wife_kato_says_gwwOLfvry4cvPRAMFTJlTK#ixzz272CMKgRy


TMZ Reports: Kato Kaelin just told TMZ … he NEVER told the New York Post that he knows OJ Simpson murdered his wife or that he’s only coming forward now because the statute of limitations on perjury has run.

Kato says he was shocked when he read the report which quoted him as saying, “The statute of limitations has now passed … so I can now say … yes, he did it.”

Kato tells TMZ … he never said any of those things to reporter Cindy Adams or anyone else.

Kato says he has expressed his opinion over the years … that he THINKS Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman … but tells us, “I have no first hand knowledge.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/20/kato-kaelin-denial-statement-oj-simpson/#ixzz272BwJzA5