BBW newbie Kenya Bell is heading to divorce court. LOL! Okay, that’s not funny, but I just don’t get this chick. She is a weirdo! Anywho, Kenya’s hubby has filed divorce papers, but I hear the couple has been apart for a while. Check out the scoop!

TMZ reports that Bell’s husband, former NBA player Charlie Bell, filed divorce papers in a Michigan Court, claiming there was a breakdown in the marriage. The couple had been separated for a while.

In May of 2011, Kenya gained notoriety when she was arrested after allegedly breaking into the couple’s home and attacking Charlie with a box cutter in front of their children. Kenya was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence. She eventually struck a plea deal where she avoided jail time by pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence.

SMH! That chick is nuts!

Is Kenya Bell a threat to the safety of Basketball Wives cast ? According to Suzie Ketcham, Bell is not only dangerous but “mentally unstable”.

“I want to get along with everybody but when I know there’s someone who is mentally unstable, I really don’t wanna be… I really don’t care,” Suzie says in a bonus clip released after Monday’s episode four premiere.

Nonetheless, Suzie claims it is cool to have Kenya around “until she stabs you”.

“My general take on Kenya is this b***h is a few sandwiches short of an f***in picnic,” says Suzie Ketcham.

Suzie ain’t to stable herself. SMH.