Rumor has it that BBW LA star Draya slept with Gilbert Arenas (Laura Govan’s baby daddy)…Now I’m hearing that Arenas may even be the father of her son!!!! Check out the scoop!

Fellow blogger, got the dirt on Draya’s true connection to the “Basketball Wives, and let me just say this is juicy!


OKAY a good friend of mine attended the reunion and got all the dirty details

*The reunion was filmed for 7 hours

*All the ladies slimmed way down, except Draya of course who is already slim. Laura is ‘skinny’ now according to my friend

*Imani and Malaysia were the ‘classy’ ones at the reunion

*They all went in on Jackie

*Laura was talking big shit to Jackie

*Jackie had her bestfriend in the audience and Malaysia had a gang of folks in the audience, my friend said Malaysias folks said they were gonna whip Glorias ass for talking shit stemming from the Laura/Malaysia fight also said they were gonna whip Jackies ass too for disrespecting Malaysia, Compton was there to represent LOL

*Laura tried talking shit to Draya saying she sucked Gilberts dick, but Draya busted out with Gilbert paid her 20,000 …then drops BOMBSHELL #1

*and says something along the lines of ‘dont you think our kids look alot alike?’ to Laura insinuating Gilbert is also her sons father WOW okay lets digest that for a minute

*and for Bomshell #2 Jackie says Gloria also fcuked Gilbert and from Glorias expression she does not look shocked or appalled at this accusation, my friend says judging from Glorias reaction she believes Jackie, also that Laura was looking at Gloria funny and you can tell there was alot of tension between Laura and Gloria during the whole reunion.

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Do you think their children look alike?