Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys seemed like a “happily married couple” at Fashion Week this past weekend, but rumor has it that he was caught creeping. According to an insider, Swizz has been exchanging some steamy texts (sexting) with a young lady named Christina Elizabeth. Not sure I believe the hype!

Tale Tela and Perez Hilton reports:

Swizz Beatz has allegedly been cheating on wife Alicia Keys after text messages he sent to another singer were found on her phone.

Bossip reports that Swizz met new singer/songwriter Christina Elizabeth in 2007 at a birthday party for Solange Knowles. Despite Swizz being married to singer Mashonda at the time and marrying Alicia earlier this year, he has kept in contact with Christina by sending naughty messages.

Christina apparently lost her phone recently, but it has now fallen into the wrong hands and now Blackberry Messenger conversations allegedly with Swizz have been leaked.

After telling Christina that he can’t meet up one weekend because he had to attend the MTV VMAs – which happened two weeks ago – Swizz asked her to send a naked picture. Upon opening the image, Swizz wrote to her: “I want to f**k the s**t of you asap make it happen wow!”

In another conversation with Christina, Swizz also says: “I need you asap damn.”

Depsite the two calling each other “bro” and “sis” it’s clear that this relationship is anything but platonic. Swizz and Alicia were spotted playing the happy at New York’s Fashion Week this weekend?

Do you think that Swizz is cheating on Alicia?

Hmmmm…Its a rumor, don’t believe it until I get concrete evidence. LOL