The Heat are going to the NBA finals baby!!!!!

Gabrielle Union thrust both her arms up in celebration. Savannah Brinson hoisted her index finger skyward.

On the street below, more than 10,000 Miami Heat fans screamed in delight as well.

The Heat are going to the NBA finals — and the party in Miami started long before the game ended. The team threw a rally for its fans Thursday night, showing Game 5 from Chicago on a giant 3,400-square-foot video screen affixed to the side of its arena, and when Miami pulled off a stirring comeback to win 83-80, the crowd erupted in joyous bedlam.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James led the rally in Chicago, and in Miami, their longtime girlfriends — Union and Brinson, respectfully — led the party in Miami.

“I think it’s absolutely amazing,” Brinson said.

The Heat will play Dallas in the NBA finals, a rematch of the 2006 series that Miami won in six games.

Union posed for photos long after the game was over, waving at people who packed Biscayne Boulevard. And as soon as the game ended, more people began spilling into the fenced-off area outside the arena.

“People think of Miami, they think of South Beach,” Union said. “Miami is real people who go to work every day who aren’t millionaires who can’t afford to always get tickets inside this arena. This win was for them, out here on Biscayne, doing it, doing it well and never giving up.”

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