Reunited and it feels so good! As you know Keyshia Cole has not been in good terms with mom Frankie and sister Neffe. But she may have had a change of heart. Check out the scoop!

Off-screen, the situation between the family members got even crazier, with Cole’s other sister, Elite, being thrown into the mix. Neffe and Elite told the press that Cole was “turning her back” on the family. The singer, who was pregnant at the time, released a statement to her fans and said she cut communication with her birth mother and sisters because she “needed serenity and peace to move forward.” Now Keyshia seems to have had a change of heart.

On Jan. 20 Keyshia Tweeted:

“@keyshiacole: I will be going to atl for a few days so I’m gonna let neffe and elite meet Dj for the first time if they r there. And my mom spend time.

@keyshiacole: I’m learning Wht [sic] forgiveness really means.”

We are not sure if the reunion went down, but we shall keep you in the loop! 🙂