Rumor has it that Ciara wrote a song called “Basic Instinct (you got me)” which is supposedly a diss record towards Keri Hilson. During a red carpet interview, Ci Ci addressed the rumors, check out what she had to say:

“That record was a song that I dedicated to my haters but I also dedicated it to my fans though. It was really me getting a lot off my chest because you get the haters, (they really don’t mean anything) however, it was like  “Let me say something real quick. Let me get something off of my chest” and that’s what that record allowed me to do. I even went in on myself.  I was like “see, I was on the red carpet when I should have been in the studio laying down hot sh**”.  I’m just being real.

Source Necole Bitchie and Rap Up

Ciara Basic Instinct Video