Did any of you get a chance to watch Basketball Wives last night on VH1!? I’m not a big fan of the show, but last night’s episode of classic.

Evelyn Lozada, former fiancé of Antoine Walker, confronted Vanessa Davis, former wife of Ricky Davis (pic above), after she had an private investigator seek who was stalking her and slandering her name on the internet. The P.I. pointed all fingers to Vanessa Davis and Evelyn let her have it on the show yesterday (see video)….CLASSIC.

In related news:

TMZ reports that Evelyn Lozada is suing Vanessa Davis. Lozada claims the former wife of basketball star Ricky Davis released nude photos of her and called her degrading names after failing to be picked for the hit VH1 reality TV show.

TMZ reports that Lozada claims Davis publicly called her a “drunkard,” a “high end prostitute,” and a “hoe ass,” and also claimed Lozada neglected her daughter.

Lozada also says Davis stole topless photos of her by hacking into her email account, and then posted them on the Internet.

In the lawsuit, Lozada alleges that Davis is trying to “ruin her reputation” and Lozada is asking for at least $15,000 in damages.

Davis told TMZ “I will counter-sue for defamation as her lawsuit has no merit and I am positive she has no evidence against me for said claims.” Source: Examiner/TMZ