hip hop honors 2 021008

Twitter can be so amusing! The latest twitter beef is between rapper Jim Jones and Fabolous. The argument, which played out via twitter, all started when Jim Jones made a comment about Fabolous biting his “scarf” style…Check out the “spat” below (LOL):

Jim Jones Tweets:

“I just seen another rappers video tht look just like me chain gang n scarf dam I’m sonnin these niggaz I gues my style might body ya lol wht”


Fabolous’s come back (via twitter):

“Oh so it’s time 4 subliminal tweets huh?? Ok cool.. #TellMeWhyUMad I’m mad cuz it’s over for that ballin…. Brooklynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

Back to Jim Jones (tweets):

“New app on iPhones .. jimjones How to get fresh 101 … free scarf n belt included lol owwwwww lmao G.O.R in Harlem now”

“Can I atleast get a thnku for gettin ur Twitter acct poppin lol I’m out I quit I quit pow pow play dead lol”


Fab goes for the kill (via twitter):

“#iJustWannaKnoWhy niggas think they invented Louis Vuitton?? #nowplaying – Youre Only A Customer by Jay Z” about 6 hours ago via Echofon

“#iJustWannaKnoWhy you ain’t #signtoyoungmoney yet?? #uNeedTheHelp #WayneOnMy1stSingle #DrakeOnTheHook” about 6 hours ago via Echofon

“#iJustWannaKnoWhy the Competition won’t stay #Dead. Maybe I should a new mixtape call #TiNc3 – Ghost of the Competition” about 6 hours ago via Echofon

“#iJustWannaKnoWhy if they know the order, they didn’t bring you NO ROSEI’s jus a few cold waters?? Whoa Oh! I thought u #PopChampagne”


This is just too funny!  How old are they??? lol 🙂