Bob Whitfield, a retired NFL player, revealed some shocking details about his ex-wife, Sheree Whitfield, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. During a radio show interview, Bob claimed he has sex tapes and explicit photos of the reality star. He also poked fun at Sheree’s many plastic surgeries and said he made her what she is today. (Audio)

According to Nigel and Marco who conducted the interview, Mr. Whitfield was goin’ hard on Sheree. “I’m feeling like I’m the mad scientist and I created Frankentstein,” Bob ranted. Dishing on her plastic surgeries, Bob said “She didn’t have that nose; I put that nose on her! She didn’t have them breasts, I put them breasts on her.” Bob also told Nigel and Marco that he “threatened to rip that video and pics,” and then said “You see what it did for Kim Kardashian.”